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1. What are the wedding destinations that you cover?

Studio Cerina covers worldwide destinations.

2. What style of photography can we expect from you?

We document spontaneous moments of love, happiness and joy in a photo-journalistic style with a touch of modern art. Have a look at our portfolio.

3. Do you offer photo and video services separately?

Actually, the bride and groom arrange video separately.
You can get recommendation  from us if you need.

4. What kind of cameras do you use for the video shooting?

We use high technology Canon DSLR cameras with prime lenses.

5. What if we are not a photogenic couple?

No worries at all! You’d be surprised how many couples changed their opinion after seeing their wedding photos.

6. Will the photos be printable in our country as well?

Yes, of course. All the photographs will be in full resolution, ready for print at all times anywhere in the world.

7. Can you ”be invisible” at the wedding and still do an excellent job?

Absolutely! Couples are often pleasantly surprised how we manage to capture so many amazing moments while being very discrete at the same time.

8. How can we book you?

Send us an E-mail with details about you and your wedding.
We’ll send you an offer with different packages. When you choose the package, you will receive a contract with details for the down payment.
Once the down payment is seen, your booking will be insured.

9. We still have some questions!

Of course! Feel free to email us or if you like we can Skype, chat on facebook.

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