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Tonći Čerina
Tonci his love found in photography

Our story begins with a special atmosphere and ends with unforgettable memories

It is the moments we capture. Moments of joy, happiness, moments that may pass but we will cherish them in our hearts forever. Those are the moments that we strive to capture, the ones that happen only once, but sometimes, once is all you need. That’s our vision and passion, capturing special moments that last for a lifetime.

Here at the Wedding studio Cerina we are a team of highly devoted and experienced photographers with more than fifteen years of experience and thousands of exceptional moments captured.  We are based in the city of Split, positioned in the heart of the Adriatic coast, with some of the most spectacular wedding and proposal locations and colorful sunsets guaranteeing you to have the most memorable wedding day.

Our commitment is on you, the personality of two of you and the most important day of your lifetime, and we will never lose sight of our vision and your expectations – capturing those unique moments that last for a lifetime.